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It’s a little-known fact that everyone’s favorite can holder might not be as easy to recycle as previously thought. Even though manufacturers list these items as “100% recyclable,” they’re actually not compatible with Massachusetts’ recycling machines. In fact, just 10% of them can be re-used, and only 2% are recycled. PakTech recycling is not easy as it seems. 

As the manufacturer, distributor, and seller of our Hi5 seltzers, we learned we were part of this growing issue due to the lack of PakTech recycling. So, we partnered with the Mass Brewer’s GuildGreenLabs RecyclingThe Mass Brew Bros, and a few other craft beer breweries across the state to set up collection bins at each of our retail locations. This grassroots collection effort ensures that these holders are consolidated and delivered directly to a facility that can either re-use or recycle them to prevent them from becoming direct waste.

Next time you’re sitting down a four-pack of Hi5 of craft beer from a local brewery, consider bringing the PakTech carrier to one of our MA dispensary locations to ensure they are properly disposed of.