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Based on Governor Baker’s new mandate, regarding a phase two reopening roll-out, we are pleased to share that we can now allow limited access inside our stores for pre-orders!

This means we will also begin accepting CASH again! Our Chicopee location will be moving entirely to in-store visits, while Great Barrington will continue using the exterior tent for pre-order pick-ups paying with debit, while cash transactions will be completed in store. The new mandate includes a reduction to 40% capacity inside, and due to size constraints in Great Barrington, cash transactions may lead to extended wait times so debit is still preferred!

Check the link below for further details!


We have a deep passion for cannabis and the role it plays in improving people’s lives. Here at Theory, we cultivate cannabis and produce a wide variety of extracts and infused products at our Bridgewater, Massachusetts facility. We also have retail locations in Bridgewater (medical), Chicopee (recreational) and Great Barrington (medical and recreational), where our customers can learn about cannabis and purchase our products.

Focused on small batches and unique genetics, we strive to develop a premium range of flower, concentrates, and infused products for consumers in Massachusetts. In doing so, we commit ourselves to constant reinvention and self-scrutiny, working with and listening to each other, to further improve and enhance your cannabis experience.

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