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Theory Guide to the T-Pen Vape Cartridge

Why doesn’t this look like a usual cartridge? How is it made? What is CO2 extraction? Vaporizing: Onset, 5-10 minutes; Duration: 1-3 hours Vaporizing cannabis is a route of administration with effects similar to smoking, but without the potential harms caused by inhaling combusted plant material. Vaporizers use hot air…
Theory Wellness
March 18, 2019


WHAT IS CBD? You probably hear a lot about CBD. All of a sudden, there are beverages, salves, lotions-- it is everywhere! While it's receiving a lot of notable attention, let's start with some basic information to determine if it's right for you. THE BASICS CBD (Cannabidol) is one of…
Theory Wellness
November 27, 2018

What are Terpenes?

WHAT ARE TERPENES? You know that smell when you walk into a dispensary or at a concert that instantly says "cannabis"? Well, those are terpenes. You're already more familiar with them than you'd expect, but there is a lot more to be said for those powerful aromatic compounds. THE BASICS…
Theory Wellness
November 15, 2018