Become certified for medical marijuana through your primary care physician, or at one of the medical marijuana specialists below.

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Once you have received a medical marijuana certification, the next step is to register.

How to Register

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Congratulations! You may now visit our medical marijuana dispensary. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Step 1 Get Certified

1. Get Certified

Obtain a medical marijuana certification from your provider.

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2. Get Pin Number

2. Get Pin Number

You will receive a PIN number from your provider. It will also be emailed to you from the Department of Public Health.

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3. Mass CIP (formerly Virtual Gateway)

Register with the Mass CIP.

Create a username and password for the Mass CIP.

5. Print Temporary Card

5. Print Temporary Card

Once you have registered with the Medical Marijuana System, you will be emailed a temporary medical marijuana card that you can print and use immediately at a medical marijuana dispensary.

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6. Visit Theory

Now visit us at one of Theory’s medical marijuana dispensaries! Make sure to bring your Medical Marijuana ID and a second, unexpired picture ID.

For detailed instructions and videos, please see this link.

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Open  9 AM-7 PM (Monday – Thursday); 9 AM – 9 PM (Friday – Sunday)

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