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New York
Recreational Cannabis

Click on a category to view testing documents for our wide variety of Theory Wellness cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and drinks.






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What New York Dispensaries will you be available in?

We now have Theory Wellness and Hi5 products in stores throughout New York, including Smacked Village, Housing Works Cannabis Co, and Union Square Travel Agency.

We plan to work with key New York recreational dispensaries across the entire state. If you’re curious about where else we’ll drop, sign up for our mailing lists!

Are you only going to sell to recreational dispensaries?

Yes, we will only bring products into the New York recreational dispensaries.

What types of cannabis products will you have for sale?

We will be offering a wide range of adult-use marijuana products to the market, including flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and Hi5 cannabis beverages.

Where will the recreational dispensaries be located?

We are currently located in three Manhattan dispensaries, and hope to be in dispensaries all across New York, including:
Brooklyn Dispensaries, Albany Dispensaries, Syracuse Dispensaries, Buffalo Dispensaries, Yonkers Dispensaries, Rochester Dispensaries, New Rochelle Dispensaries, and many more. Keep an eye out, and we’ll show more of our New York cannabis plans.

I'm looking for a dispensary near me, where can I find your closest location?

If you’re looking for a Theory Wellness Massachusetts dispensary near you, you can check out our Massachusetts dispensaries list here. Our Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries are located all across the Commonwealth!