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The Portland Press Herald reports on the growth of recreational cannabis sales in Maine since the first dispensaries opened in October 2020.

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PORTLAND PRESS HERALD: Recreational pot sales have more than doubled since Maine’s market launch

FEB 16, 2021

“Recreational marijuana sales have more than doubled since the market opened in October, with the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy reporting almost $2.5 million in sales in January.

Maine’s 15 licensed adult-use retailers reported 33,521 sales worth $2.47 million in the first month of the new year, earning the state roughly $247,000 in tax revenue.

The average customer spent about $74 per sale in January, according to statewide data, up from about $66 per sale the first month. 

Smokable cannabis, or flower, accounted for about 63 percent of sales, a decrease from 76 percent when the market opened, likely the result of a more diversified product line being available.

The average price of bud has fallen from $16.67 per gram to $14.57 per gram, or about $52 for an eighth of an ounce, down from $59. An eighth is enough to roll seven fat joints or about 14 cigarette-style ones.

“By and large, we’re encouraged by what we see,” said David Heidrich, spokesperson for the Office of Marijuana Policy. “Four months into the program … we’re pleased the launch has gone as smoothly as it has.”

At the start, the industry struggled with limited supply, few options and high costs, but since the first month, Maine has licensed 13 more cultivation facilities and 10 more manufacturing sites.

“As the market matures over the coming months, we’ll see the supply and demand challenges diminish as more diverse product becomes available,” Heidrich said.

January also saw the opening of the state’s second testing lab, Nova Analytics in Portland. As more labs are approved, he expects prices will continue to fall.

“More competition for business among the labs will help reduce the cost of testing” for retailers, he said. Lower overhead costs will likely help lower prices.

Brandon Pollock, owner of Theory Wellness in South Portland, experienced firsthand the frustrations of the limited inventory when his adult-use store opened with the first wave on Oct. 9.”

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