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Thank you to Spectrum News for their coverage of Hi5 Cannabis Infused Seltzer, which was launched in Massachusetts by leading cannabis brand Theory Wellness.

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SPECTRUM NEWS: Theory Wellness Debuts Their Cannabis-Infused Seltzer ‘Hi5’

FEB 26, 2021

“Data shows in legal recreational marijuana markets, alcohol sales have declined by almost 15 percent. So some in the cannabis industry are using it as an opportunity to produce an alternative to beer and wine.

Cannabis-infused seltzers have been slowly hitting the market in Massachusetts. Theory Wellness debuted their products for the first time on Friday, called Hi5.

‘We really wanted to create a new category of product for someone who may be on the fence about using cannabis or may not want to use a vaporizer or potentially flour, or may have had a bad experience in the past using edibles,’ said Thomas Winstanley, Vice President of Marketing at Theory Wellness. ‘For us this creates a different way of enjoying cannabis in the way of which does exist out on the west coast but really does open up a new emergence for a new product class on the East coast.’

The dispensary is hoping it’ll boost sales and grow the number of adult users. They are emphasizing the safety of using the product and adhere to strict regulations. Each can has brand new technology, making them child resistant certified.

“When you see this, it looks like you’re getting a regular can but the truth is, this actually has a tamper seal on it and its a resealable can too,” said Winstanley.

Each seltzer is gluten free and has zero calories. Staying true to the name HI-5, each drink has 5 milligrams of THC and it only takes 5 minutes to feel the effects.”

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About Theory Wellness:

Theory Wellness is an East Coast medical and recreational cannabis brand; we cultivate cannabis, operate extraction labs, manufacture infused marijuana products, and proudly serve patients and customers at our marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts and Maine.

Our focus is on small batch, craft cannabis that we cultivate using sustainable techniques on our outdoor cannabis farm and at our state-of-the-art indoor gardens. We run unique genetics to develop in-house premium products that include flower, concentrates, edibles, and an array of infusions for medical and recreational consumers in New England.

Throughout our work, we remain committed to expanding the science of cannabis, and creating the future we want to see in the emerging marijuana industry through social justice, sustainability, and research.

If you’re thinking to yourself, where is the nearest recreational dispensary near me or medical marijuana dispensary near me, look no further. Theory Wellness operates medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries in Maine and Massachusetts that offer various cannabis products to meet your needs. If you are looking for our Maine recreational marijuana dispensary locations, click here. If you are looking for Massachusetts marijuana dispensary locations, click here.

To learn more about our operations, follow-us on Instagram @TheoryWellness.