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Edible Cannabis in MA and ME

Cannabis edibles are foods and other products that have cannabis inside. You’re probably already familiar with pot brownies and other staples, but cannabis edibles have come a long way with recreational dispensaries that want to offer something different to their clientele. After all, not everyone wants to or has the paraphernalia to smoke cannabis flower, and edible cannabis is a great way to make consuming cannabis as simple as can be.

Today, edible cannabis at a dispensary comes in many forms from gummies and tinctures to candies, chocolates, sodas and other convenient items that require little advance knowledge. That can make edible cannabis great for those that would rather not smoke marijuana for various reasons – including lung health and the tricky contraptions that are often required. 

Edible cannabis is also discreet – it’s easy to pop a gummy while you’re out and about but lighting up in public is often illegal, even in states that have recreational marijuana laws on the books. Unfortunately, edible cannabis doesn’t work exactly like smoking. It can take hours for that high to settle in, which can represent a danger to those that may try to chase the high before it hits. Fortunately, many cannabis edibles have anticipated this and include convenient dosing guidelines so that even those new to cannabis edibles can get it right the first time out.

How To Try Edible Cannabis

Since edible cannabis has to make its way into the bloodstream via the stomach, it takes much longer to settle in than smoking, which enters the bloodstream in a minute or two via the lungs. That means cannabis edibles can take an hour or two to start producing an effect, and that can be dangerous for those that are half an hour in and wondering where their high went. Doubling up or chasing that high can easily end up exceeding the recommended dosage, leading to a too-high feeling that could take hours to come down from.

Instead, it may be best to start with edibles that have an equal balance of THC and CBD. They’re often called 1:1 products, and it’s the CBD that can help mitigate the too-high effects of THC if you accidentally consume too much. After that, pay close attention to the dosing on the package. You’ll want to start by consuming less than 5 mg of THC, so look for low dosage products or bite off a smaller piece if you want to be on the safe side. Before thinking about consuming more edible cannabis, ensure that it’s been at least two hours since your last dose.

Selecting an Edible Cannabis Product

If you’re looking for a heady, psychoactive high, go for THC based edible cannabis products. The specific dosing is less important because you can always consume more, but if you haven’t tried a product before it’s best to go with the dosage suggested on the packaging before you try and up your consumption.

If you’re looking for a subtle calmness that’s more about managing anxiety and stress than getting high, go for a CBD based product that has little to no THC inside. You’ll get many of the wellness properties of cannabis without that high feeling, which can be perfect for work or other important activities.

If you want a calm and controlled high, go with edible cannabis products that contain both CBD and THC in roughly equal amounts. These types of products are many times indicated as 1:1 products, and the CBD will help reign in the heady effects of THC so that you can avoid the paranoia and other negative side effects that can come with the consumption of THC.

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