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Theory Wellness Spotlight on CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals: Types, Benefits of Topicals, and More

If you have visited a local dispensary lately, chances are, there was an entire section of cannabinoid-infused topicals. Topical cannabinoid products are popping up across the full spectrum of the cannabis market, from cannabis dispensaries to everyday retail stores. Topical products containing just CBD are legal everywhere, but dispensaries are also making topical CBD and THC products part of their inventories. Below is a closer look at CBD topicals, how they differ from THC topicals, and more.

What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topical products are products designed to be applied to the skin that contains cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is known for a multitude of benefits when it comes to therapeutic use, but it is also non-intoxicating and legal for use nationwide. These products may be used for certain skin issues, but may also target issues with pain and inflammation.

Types of CBD Topicals

There are several types of CBD topicals. CBD has grown to be a highly popular cannabinoid because of its therapeutic value and accessibility. Therefore, product manufacturers have worked hard to deliver topical CBD products in a lot of forms, such as:

  • CBD lotion
  • CBD cream
  • CBD salve
  • CBD massage oil
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The Benefits of CBD Topicals

Even though most people use CBD in the form of a CBD oil or ingestible, CBD has been shown to offer several benefits when applied topically. There has been some limited evidence that suggests CBD may be effective for certain skin problems, such as inflammatory skin conditions and irritations. However, topical CBD may also be a good way to target localized pain and inflammation. Ingestible products like CBD oil may work for localized relief, but the efficacy may not be as profound. So, instead of trying to determine how to use CBD oil for pain, it may be more feasible to look for a topical product that targets the problem closer to the source.

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How Cannabinoid-Based Topicals Work

Cannabinoid receptors can be found in various parts of the body, such as the central nervous system, immune system, and digestive system. However, cannabinoid receptors are also found in dermal cells, hair follicles, nerve fibers, and even sweat glands found in the skin. Therefore, when cannabinoids like CBD or THC are applied topically, they are partially processed by the cannabinoid receptors in the skin tissue. For example, if you are using a CBD cream for pain, the carrier ingredients dissolve into the skin and the CBD penetrates the skin barrier and affects the receptors.

THC vs CBD Topicals - What's the difference?

THC topicals are infused with THC derived from cannabis as the primary ingredient. CBD topicals are made with the primary cannabinoid cannabidiol, which is most often derived from hemp, but not always. You can find many topicals that contain some level of both cannabinoids. However, products derived from hemp that are marketed nationwide must contain less than 0.3 percent THC to be legally compliant.
Products found at a dispensary, such as Theory Wellness’s CBD Salve or CBD Muscle Lotion, contain both CBD and THC. When combined, the two cannabinoids offer a host of therapeutic effects. Further, they may offer more profound effects when combined instead of in the isolated form. This is a phenomenon referred to in science as the “entourage effect.

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The Benefits of THC Topicals

Much like CBD, THC has been shown to offer its own benefits. The cannabinoid is recognized for its ability to stimulate the appetite, deter nausea, help with pain, and more. Also like CBD, THC can be processed by the endocannabinoid system when applied topically. This means that if you want to use THC for therapeutic reasons like appetite enhancement or pain, you can apply a THC cream and reap those benefits.

Will THC topical make you feel high?

While possible, it is not likely that topically applied THC will make you feel intoxicated. The THC is first broken down and utilized by cannabinoid receptors in the skin. Then, the remaining cannabinoids make their way to the bloodstream and rest of the body. Because this delivery method is so slow, most people don’t experience intense intoxication. And, any psychoactive effects tend to be mild. This is an important thing to note if you are looking for the therapeutic effects of THC without dealing with the full intoxicating effects that come with other routes of use.

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Find Top-Shelf Topicals at Theory Wellness

Whether you are looking to try a CBD topical or THC topical, there are definitely benefits here to explore. If you are looking for CBD and THC topicals made from high-quality ingredients, be sure to check out our menu at Theory Wellness.

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About Theory Wellness

Theory Wellness is a vertically integrated dispensary with a deep passion for cannabis and the role it plays in improving people’s lives. We focus on small-batch cultivation of premium genetics sourced from select breeders around the world. We use high-efficiency growing techniques that help the plant reach its full potential in bud structure, terpene profile, and bag appeal. In addition, our lab is filled with an eclectic group of passionate scientists. We produce our products using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and are constantly exploring new methods to develop our products.

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