First Farm Grown on the East Coast

The emergence of farm-grown cannabis on the East Coast demonstrates an evolution of our legal industry. It offers an alternative approach to cultivating cannabis in a sustainable and regenerative way—the way it’s been done for thousands of years.

The Cultivator's Task

Not unlike wine or spirits, these products are a reflection of the atmosphere, the topography, the soil (or terroir), and the people that tend them—each entirely unique. At Theory, we assume the responsibility of what is known as the “Cultivator’s Task,” which is managing the balance of these elements in a mindful and progressive way. This includes assuming the responsibility for environmental and land stewardship through our practices, day in, and day out.

To us, this means ensuring our approach is environmentally conscious, bio-dynamic, and in full partnership with Mother Nature. To facilitate this process, we took an unprecedented step by collaborating with a local farmer, Ted Dobson, who shares our values. 

He brings 35-years of experience in cultivating greens, curating the soil, and harnessing a unique microclimate in Sheffield, MA. He was a pioneer in the farm to table movement for supplying an array of organic vegetables, microgreens, heirloom tomatoes, and a variety of other locally sourced produce to some of the top restaurants across New England through his farm, Equinox. Now he grows cannabis in partnership with our team on that same soil he's been regeneratively curating for the past few decades.

In the past, farmers have a difficult time entering into this industry, given the exorbitant costs to entry, and these unique partnerships may be a new way to approach the emergence of farm grown. 


We employ a range of cultivation techniques that create a regenerative approach to cannabis cultivation.

The farm is located by mountains, carved by glaciers millions of years ago, which bring a richness to the soil from micronutrients. A surrounding pond cycles humidity and moisture throughout the field and a natural aquifer runs under the farm for deep well water which our roots extend to for hydration.
This means cultivating a variety of different plants -like perennials, vegetables, and herbs- around your main crop (cannabis) to create a dynamic ecosystem with interconnected root systems that attract healthy pollinators and add essential nutrients back into the soil
The polyculture approach uses companion plants to deter harmful pests and attract beneficial insects, which allows the main crop to thrive in an ecosystem closer to what nature provides
Unlike many farms (including organic farms), we will not use any plastic mulch, instead, companion plants and living ground cover will be used between cannabis plants. All organic material considered waste will be ground, composted, and reintroduced
We source products that are recyclable like compostable trellis, biodegradable gloves, non-plastic mulch, and are perpetually seeking new and sustainable alternatives
Cannabis plants are natural carbon off-setters so we do what we can to trap carbon, including leaving the roots after harvest, minimal tilling, and overall use of less electricity, water, and fuel
Our farm has historically never used pesticides in the past, and we don’t use them on our cannabis
We’ve searched across the country (and locally) in sourcing stable outdoor genetics that can weather the Northeast. These varietals are thoughtfully acquired through diverse breeders for known resilience against mold, mildew, and other potentially adverse outdoor conditions. Above all, the breeders share our same intent in the regenerative cultivation process

While many are familiar with the indoor flower that is available at dispensaries across MA, this is something entirely new to this market. While indoor and outdoor cultivation produces the same plant, the techniques used vary greatly, as does the final product. One is not better than the other as both offer their own unique qualities, just as each cannabis user has unique tastes. There is something for everyone. 

Part of the Cultivator’s Task isn’t only to ensure that we grow the plants but allow for the plants to grow us. To be the first to provide farm grown, adult-use cannabis on the East Coast is a proud moment, and it’s just the beginning of returning to a long legacy in regenerative cannabis cultivation.

Available at our Theory Wellness locations.

Cloning Cannabis Plants on the Farm

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