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Great Barrington Recreational Dispensary

Our Great Barrington recreational marijuana dispensary offers an array of cannabis products from flower, edibles, vaporizers, pre-rolls, and tinctures. Come visit the first dispensary in the Berkshires and learn more about why it's the best in the area.


How long have you been open as a Mass dispensary ?

Our Great Barrington Dispensary opened as a recreational dispensary in January 2019, though the first wave of Massachusetts dispensaries opened in November of 2018. However, we have been open as a Massachusetts medical dispensary since 2017.

Were you the first Massachusetts recreational dispensary ?

We were not the first Massachusetts recreational dispensary. We were the 6th recreational marijuana dispensary.

My home state just legalized! How do I shop?

Cannabis is a fast-moving market and more states are legalizing every day! If your state has recently decriminalized or legalized cannabis, here are some things to know:

Enjoy your cannabis on private property in MA, depending on where you made your purchase. It is still illegal to transport cannabis across state lines even if you are entering a state with legal cannabis.

If you have a valid ID from any state showing you are 21+, we invite you to visit us online under the “Order Now” tab at the top of the page, and place your order for pick up anytime within an hour long window today!

Do you have a list of all of your other dispensaries?

Yes, we have a Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries list that includes our other Massachusetts recreational and medical dispensary locations which can be found here.

I’m looking for a Massachusetts dispensary near me, where can I find your closest location?

If you’re looking for a Theory Wellness Massachusetts dispensary near you, you can check out our Massachusetts dispensaries list here. Our Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries are located all across the Commonwealth!

Why do you refer to it as cannabis?

There are many terms for cannabis including, weed, marijuana, pot, but the word cannabis stands true to the plant’s scientific name.

Do you carry Hi5 cannabis infused seltzer, and what is it?

We do! Hi5 is a cannabis infused seltzer that offers rapid onset, has zero-calories, is gluten-free, and all-natural flavors. It’s a new kind of marijuana edible. If you want to learn more, you can visit their site here

How do I purchase cannabis in the state of Massachusetts?

To purchase marijuana in Massachusetts you’ll need to abide by state rules regarding purchasing. That means being at least 21 years of age with a valid state or federal ID such as a driver’s license or passport. IDs from other states are valid, though you will have to bring cash or debit cards, as credit sales are not allowed.

What are Massachusetts state laws regarding the possession of cannabis?

You can walk into our Great Barrington dispensary and walk out with up to an ounce of cannabis. That’s because according to Massachusetts law, you can only possess up to an ounce of cannabis on you at any one time, including in your car or in your home.

Smoking or using cannabis anywhere in public is also strictly forbidden, including in your car, which means that you can only smoke at home or on private property with the prior consent of the property owner. If you’re a renter, you may actually be limited from smoking in your home, though you can check with your landlord before smoking cannabis. The same goes for hotels and Airbnbs.

What is the Massachusetts state law regarding transporting cannabis products?

It’s important to be aware of the laws regarding transporting cannabis within the state. Just like the purchase and possession limit of one ounce of cannabis, you can only transport up to an ounce of marijuana within a motor vehicle. Additionally, it must be sealed in a container or locked in the trunk or glove compartment, and you certainly can’t use cannabis while driving or prior to driving. Just like alcohol, you can get a DUI if you choose to drive under the influence of cannabis.

What are the rules for different cannabis products?

While many of the state regulations have to do with flower and smoking, the quickly growing marijuana industry has much more on offer than just flower. In our Massachusetts dispensaries, you can buy concentrates, edibles, infused drinks, and cannabis accessories. Regardless of the type of cannabis product you’ve purchased, there are still possession limits. For convenience, our purchase limits mirror the legal possession limits.