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Unfortunately, your area is not currently in our delivery zone!
However, we are working to increase our territory. Feel free to pass along your email and zip code, and we'll notify you when we expand to your area!


What do I need to qualify for delivery from your dispensary?

To qualify for marijuana delivery, you will need a valid Massachusetts medical marijuana card and live within our dispensary delivery radius.

How long will it take to add more delivery zones?

We are working hard to ensure we reach as many patients as we can. We plan to continue our growth over the coming months so sign-up and keep an eye out for emails from us!

Where in Boston will you deliver?

Since we don’t have a Boston dispensary, we’ll be delivering to an assortment of zip codes east of I-95. You’ll be able to enter your zip code and see if you are in the delivery radius.

How does medical marijuana delivery work?

Our medical marijuana delivery will work similarly to pre-order. You will place the items in your cart, head to the checkout, and select “Delivery,” and if you are in range, select an appointment time to receive your order.

Do you plan on opening a Boston dispensary?

We don’t currently have plans for a Boston dispensary, but who knows what the future may bring!

Will your medical dispensary locations in Great Barrington and Chicopee get delivery?

Yes! Both medical dispensary locations will eventually have delivery cannabis in the future.