Theory Wellness is committed to expanding wellbeing through cannabis.

We have a deep passion for cannabis and the role it plays in improving people's lives. Focused on small batches and unique genetics, we strive to develop a premium range of flower, concentrates, and infused products for consumers in Massachusetts. In doing so, we commit ourselves to constant reinvention and self-scrutiny, working with and listening to each other, to further improve your cannabis experience.

Our products

Theory's premium cannabis flower, cannabis concentrates, and cannabis infused products are produced in-house at our state-of-the-art facility in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and are available to purchase at one of our medical or recreational dispensary locations (Great Barrington, Chicopee, and Bridgewater). Committed to the highest standards in quality, all of our cannabis products are produced in small batches and undergo thorough independent lab testing.


Theory focuses on small-batch cultivation of premium-quality genetics, sourced from select breeders around the world. Always hand trimmed, properly cured, and independently lab tested.

From inception, Theory has remained steadfast in our mission to cultivate the highest quality cannabis possible, here in Massachusetts. Theory Flower is grown in-house at our state of the art cultivation facility in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, that we designed and built from the ground up. Our Director of Cultivation, Nelson Junco, leads our genetic procurement efforts, introducing you to a variety of sought after strains from around the world. Once harvested, all Theory flower is hang dried, hand trimmed, and lab tested. We properly cure our flower, and store finished product in nitrogen flushed containers until it is ready to be sold.

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Made exclusively with Theory grown flower, we produce premium, terpene rich concentrate and extract products including Massachusetts' top-rated line of full-spectrum CO2 cannabis vape cartridges (T-Pen).

Theory Concentrates are manufactured at our extraction lab in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Concentrates refer to a broad category of cannabis products that have been refined to increase the potency and terpene concentration. Generally, concentrate products have TAC levels upwards of 60–99%. Theory's focus is to produce strain specific concentrates forms of cannabis, without sacrificing terpene quality. This allows for a more full-bodied, flavorful experience, that allows one to truly experience the essence of of the cannabis plant.

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Edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more - Theory's cannabis infused products are made with a whole plant, full-spectrum concentrate, dose-standardized, and lab-tested for stress-free consumption.

Theory Infusions refer to products that have been infused with activated cannabinoids. These products can range from edibles (such as chews and chocolates), to tinctures, to topically applied lotions, and are all made in-house at our production facility in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Infused cannabis products are an excellent option for those looking to avoid the act of combustion and achieve long lasting effects. For those looking for minimal pyschoactivity, most of our infused marijuana products are available in high CBD options, or 1:1 CBD to THC options. All of Theory's infused products are made with a whole-plant, full-spectrum cannabis concentrate, instead of distillate, preserving more qualities of the plant in the process.

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Theory Wellness is committed to making medical marijuana more affordable for Massachusetts patients. TheoryCare subsidizes medical marijuana costs to patients by offering discounts on our products, up to 20% off.



We are always looking for highly motivated individuals to join our team and begin a successful career working in Massachusetts' medical or recreational marijuana industry, at either our dispensary locations or our cultivation facility.


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