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Theory Wellness Medical Cannabis Delivery

We're excited to offer patients medical cannabis delivery across Eastern Massachusetts!

Theory Wellness Medical Dispensary Delivery

We're excited to offer patients medical cannabis delivery across Eastern Massachusetts!

Our medical cannabis delivery program serves patients in the Eastern part of the state—from our floor to your door!

Want your cannabis delivered? Good news, we can handle that. All orders are run out of our Bridgewater medical dispensary, where you can arrange delivery times for different days of the week, days in advance. We’ll take you through the process!

To start, let’s make sure you’re in our radius:


Not in our radius? Don’t worry, we’re working to expand our access. If you provide your email and zip code, we’ll let you know when we come to you!

If you're in range for delivery, here's how it will work:

Visit our delivery portal and we’ll direct you to the right store where you can fill your cart with the items you’d like delivered

Select the “Delivery” option at checkout

Choose your delivery day and block of time:

Thursday – Sunday; 10 AM – 1 PM / 1 PM – 4 PM / 4PM – 6 PM


When the order is placed, we’ll send a text to let you know:

  • When the order has been received
  • When the order has been confirmed

On your delivery day, we’ll be in touch and let you know:

  • What our expected ETA is during your window
  • When we’re five minutes out

When we arrive, please be ready with:

  • Your MA Medical Card
  • 21+ ID
  • Cash / Debit / CanPay


Beyond having your cannabis brought to your door, we have a few other perks to share with you. For each of your first four orders, we’ll be offering a little something extra on top:

  • 1st Order: 10% off
    • Not stackable with in-store first visit discounts, veteran discounts, hardship discounts, or deals of the week.
  • 2nd Order: Get a FREE 4-pack of Hi5
    • Put one in your cart and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • 3rd Order: Get a FREE 0.5g Theory Pre-Roll
    • Just decide which strain is right for you.
  • 4th Order: Get a FREE Theory Single Chocolate Square or a pack of Statemints
    • A delicious, infused treat just for you!

Questions about paying and discounts? We've got you covered.

All payments will be made with one of our couriers at the time of the hand-off. We accept cash, debit, and CanPay!

Did we mention you’ll get 10% off your first delivery?

Yes, you read that right. All first-time orders will receive 10% off your first order. However, it does not stack with our first-time medical patient or re-certification discounts, veteran discounts, hardship discounts, or deal of the week.

When will discounts be applied?

We’ll apply all discounts when we build your order at our store. If you have any issues, our team will help you out!

Is there a delivery service fee?

All orders over $150 are free of a delivery charge, orders less than $150 will have a $20 delivery fee associated.


Sure, we’re comfortable with them if you are!

Ready to give it a shot?

We're here to help!

We know there are probably questions and we want to ensure we help you every step of the way. Our customer service teams here are to support you and are only a message away. Feel free to send us a chat and we’ll be happy to provide assistance!


What happens if I miss my window for delivery?

Things always come up and we’ll do our best to work with you. When we arrive, if you don’t respond we’ll try giving you a call. If after 5 minutes, we can’t connect, we’ll move onto the next delivery.

If you want to get back in touch with our team, respond to your delivery texts and we’ll try and fit you back in if we can!

Can I get my medical cannabis delivered on the same day that I order?

Our Bridgewater medical patients can receive same day delivery service. At this time, our Boston patients need to place orders at least one day in advance.

Can I change my order after I've placed it?

At this time, we cannot amend an order once it has been placed with us and confirmed.

Can we change our appointment slots?

Due to our limited time slots, we won’t be able to change your pick-up window.

Will you offer recreational dispensary delivery?

We hope to offer recreational dispensary delivery someday in the future. If you would like, feel free to sign-up here to be the first to know when.

Will there be dispensary delivery near me?

We know everyone wants to know the answer if there will be “dispensary delivery near me.” If you live in the eastern part of the state, there is a good chance there will be! Our marijuana dispensary is offering delivery to select zip codes which you can check above!