Medical FAQs

While we've begun offering recreational marijuana at our Great Barrington and Chicopee dispensaries, our number one commitment remains to our patients and maintaining their access to our products. If you want to learn more about becoming a medical marijuana patient, please visit our “Become a Patient” page for detailed instructions on how to find a physician near you.

Common Questions

What are your hours of operation?

  • Bridgewater, Massachusetts (medical only due to town laws): Our hours are 10 AM to 7 PM (Everyday)
  • Great Barrington, Massachusetts (medical & recreational): Our hours are 8 AM - 10 PM (Everyday)
  • Chicopee, Massachusetts (recreational only): Our hours are 9 AM - 9 PM Monday - Saturdays (On Sundays, we are open from 10 AM - 9 PM)

Where are your dispensaries located?

How can I pay for medical marijuana?
Theory Wellness accepts cash, debit cards, and CanPay (a mobile payment app). For more information on how to sign up for CanPay, please see our step by step instructions on how to sign up here. You can also visit their website at:
Is the Bridgewater dispensary going to open for recreational cannabis sales?
No, our Bridgewater dispensary is going to remain as a medical marijuana dispensary only, as the town of Bridgewater voted against allowing recreational marijuana sales in their town.
Is the Chicopee dispensary going to open for medical cannabis sales?
Yes, we applied for our adult-use and medical license at the same time but received the adult-use license first. While we are prohibited by law for giving discounts of any kind on the recreational side, if you are a medical cardholder, we invite you to present your valid MA medical cannabis card to our security for expedited entry. We also ask that you save your receipt for any purchases and bring it to our nearest medical dispensary to a credit for the taxes paid. If you would like to get updated on our progress for a medical license, sign up here.
Am I allowed to bring my child or children into the dispensary with me? 
We do not allow infants, children or any individuals into the dispensary who are under the age of 21 (unless they are a medical patient) 

Becoming a Patient

How do I become a medical marijuana patient?
Great question! We have put together some easy step-by-step instructions here which should help guide you through the steps of becoming a medical marijuana patient here in Massachusetts.
Is there a list of doctors that are certifying medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts?
Here, you will find a map of medical marijuana specialists, working in Massachusetts. We would be happy to provide educational information on the use of medical marijuana to your physician as well.
What is the benefit of obtaining a medical marijuana card once recreational marijuana sales begin?
A medical marijuana license will provide access to higher doses of medical marijuana products to treat a range of medical conditions. Medical marijuana patients will also be able to avoid the additional 20 percent sales tax and will receive a variety of discounts, promotions, and specials that won’t be available to recreational marijuana customers. They will also be given priority access to the dispensary (at co-located facilities). If you are interested in becoming a medical marijuana patient, you can learn more here.

Visiting Theory Wellness

I have a medical marijuana card from another state — can I visit Theory Wellness in Massachusetts?
If you are visiting our Great Barrington or Chicopee dispensaries, you may enter as a recreational customer with valid identification (learn more here). However, if you are visiting our Bridgewater dispensary, only medical marijuana patients and caregivers registered in Massachusetts can visit that location.
Is Theory Wellness wheelchair accessible?
Absolutely — all of our medical marijuana dispensaries are fully ADA accessible.
Do I need an appointment to visit Theory Wellness?
No appointments are required, but we highly encourage placing a pre-order on our website.

Great Barrington Patients

Will my access to medical marijuana products be affected?
Your access to medical marijuana products will remain the same. At least 35 percent of our cannabis inventory will be dedicated to medical marijuana patients exclusively. You will also have access to higher dosage marijuana medications that recreational marijuana customers will not.
How is this going to impact the pricing of medical marijuana?
While the pricing around recreational marijuana sales will be higher due to taxes, medical marijuana product costs will remain the same.
Will we continue to receive patient discounts?
Yes! We will continue to provide all of our standard discounts and then some!
Am I going to have to wait in lines?
Medical marijuana patients will have their own separate queue with dedicated sales registers and priority access. Your wait will be with other medical patients, not recreational marijuana customers.
What other updates can we expect?
We’ve heard several medical marijuana patients ask about online pre-orders, which are now available for all patients here. This will allow you to pre-order your medication and pick-up via an express lane for expedited service.
What else do I need to know?
Medical marijuana patients will remain our top priority. While the dispensary is busier than you are likely used to, your access to medication and wait time there will be consistent with what you’ve come to expect.

If you would like further educational resources about Theory Wellness medical sales, please view our patient education guide here or our treatment tracker here.

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