Recreational Cannabis Re-Opening in Massachusetts

It has been great seeing all of you again.

We know this new way of doing things can be a little confusing. We want to help. But first, please be sure you read the guidelines on this page so that you are prepared when you come to visit.

We are only taking day-of pre-orders. Sometime after 8 PM, both stores will open for next-day pick-up time slots. Please keep checking back if pre-ordering is not yet open. Please avoid submitting multiple orders. If you are taken to a confirmation page, then your order has been received.

IF you are able to place a pre-order:

  • If you are taken to a confirmation page, that means we have an order for you. Please refrain from placing multiple order as it clogs up the system and takes away pre-order slots from other people. 
  • Please be sure you received a confirmation text that your order went through. It should say, "Your Theory Wellness order has been confirmed and is being prepared. Your selected pick-up time is today between XX:XX - XX:XX." This is a time slot of YOUR choosing based on what you see available on the website; it is not assigned to you.
    • This text means we have an order we are preparing for you.
  • Please plan to be in the area at the time of your pick-up slot, but do not get in the queue until you receive the second text confirming that your order is ready to be picked up.
  • IF you still haven't received that second text and it is already past your pick-up time, you can get in the line and let our staff know you are waiting on a delayed order.
  • If you are running a few minutes late, we’ll work with you
  • Please do not text us asking about the status of your order; please only text us if there are issues or delays. If you created an account, you can log into to see the status of your order.

IF you are having issues placing a pre-order:

  • If you get to check-out, and there are no slots available, it means we’ve filled our appointments.
  • If you hit “Place Order” and the wheel spins without action, it also means the slots have been filled.
  • Orders placed later in the evening, sometime after 8 PM will have slots available for the following day
  • If you do not receive a confirmation text or email, it is likely your order did not go through
  • Please refresh the page when checking to see if time slots have been added
  • Please note: if you were not able to order items placed in your cart may no longer be available when you check out at a later time period. Please clear your cart out and refresh the page before trying to pre-order again.

Our teams are working to handle as many orders as we can, so if you miss out, check back. We’re not going to announce when new slots are opening to keep it fair for all. If we could sell to everyone, we would.

Please read these guidelines to make sure you are prepared for pre-ordering and picking up your order.

All orders must be placed through our website. We cannot accept phone, email, or text orders. 

  • Both out-of-state and in-state IDs will be accepted.
    • Everyone in your vehicle must have a valid 21+ ID. Please do not bring children.
  • Expired MA IDs will be accepted if they expired on or after 3/1/2020
    • Expired IDs from other states will NOT be accepted
  • Unexpired, temporary IDs will be accepted
  • Passports and other state and federal government-issued IDs will be accepted as long as they are NOT expired. The date of birth must be visible on the ID.
  • Out-of-state customers who have a medical card not issued in MA MUST purchase from the recreational side. We cannot accept out-of-state medical cards.

Curbside orders must be paid for using ONLY DEBIT at the time of your "Curbside" arrival. 

  • No credit or cash will be accepted for curbside orders
  • Debit cards are run as a cashless ATM with a $2.75 fee. Your bank may also charge you separate fees.

Great Barrington will return to 8 AM—10 PM hours of operation, and Chicopee will return to 9 AM—9 PM (except 10 AM–9 PM on Sundays)

24-HR Online ordering will be available at both locations 

  • Orders placed sometime after 8 PM will be available the following day. If you don't see available slots, keep checking back, the system is resetting. We will then turn off pre-ordering again when we've reached our overnight order capacity. 

We can sell up to the state limit of an ounce of flower, which is the equivalent of 5 grams of extract, or 500 mg of edibles per person, per day.

No returns or exchanges will be permitted at this time, and please ensure you hold onto your receipt.

There will be no bathrooms available on-site.

If there are no time slots available, keep checking throughout the day. We will continue to add slots based on our fulfillment times. 

We will not run out of products, but we will be rotating items on/off the menu based on availability

Appointment-Only Pre-Ordering

  • Pre-orders must be placed through our website. We will not accept phone or email orders.
  • At checkout, you will be required to select a “Pick-Up” time based on your preferred time of arrival at our location.
    • If time slots are not selectable, please keep checking back. We will continue to add slots throughout the day. 
  • Once the order is placed, you will receive a message stating, "Your Theory Wellness order has been confirmed and is being prepared. Your selected pick-up time is today between XX:XX - XX:XX."
    • Please prepare to arrive at the time slot designated.
  • Once the order has been placed, it cannot be changed or amended.
  • All payments will be conducted at the time of pick-up at our location using debit cards.

Arrival Information

  • When the order has been filled, you will receive a text confirmation stating, "Your Theory Wellness order is ready to be picked up today between XX:XX -XX:XX! We'll see you then!"
    • We ask that you do not arrive before your appointment and prior to receiving the pick-up text
  • When arriving, review the maps below for traffic patterns

NEW In Great Barrington 

  • We are now asking customers to park and jump into a socially-distanced queue outside, under a tent
  • Head to where the line starts where you will be asked to show your ID and pick-up confirmation
  • Only the person with the order may wait in line to pick-up (no husbands, friends, etc.)
  • All visitors are required to wear a mask or a face covering
  • Social distancing will be strictly enforced

In Chicopee

  • Upon arrival, a member of our team will verify IDs for all passengers, and direct you to the staging queue.
  • All orders will be brought out to customers’ vehicles – each location will have specific areas designated for Curbside. 
  • We will not be allowing any adult use customers to enter the store. 
  • No walk-ups will be permitted
  • Face coverings are not mandatory for customers in vehicles but highly encouraged
  • All guests must remain in their vehicles
  • Guests on motorcycles will be permitted to pick up an order 

Picking Up Curbside

NEW In Great Barrington

  • Pay with your debit card at one of our registers and keep your receipt handy
  • Proceed to one of our order windows to show your receipt and receive your order

In Chicopee

  • When you reach the designated “Curbside” area, a member of the team will guide you into the next available spot. 
  • An associate will verify and review your order with you and scan your debit card 
    • No cash or credit will be accepted.
  • We will bring out your order to your vehicle and you will be on your way!

Great Barrington Store Details

Hours: 8 AM - 10 PM

We know there will be lots of questions and we continue to see a high volume of inquiries. Feel free to text us with questions you may have, but please do not text us asking when pre-ordering will be turned on; that is contingent on the volume of fulfillment. 

(413) 650-5527

Great Barrington Re-Opening Menu

Chicopee Store Details

Hours: 9 AM - 9 PM; Sundays 10 AM - 9 PM

We know there will be lots of questions and we continue to see a high volume of inquiries. Feel free to text us with questions you may have, but please do not text us asking when pre-ordering will be turned on; that is contingent on the volume of fulfillment. 

(413) 595-2011

Chicopee Re-Opening Menu

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