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Theory Wellness Chicopee Job Fair

Theory Wellness, Inc. is excited to open our third dispensary in Chicopee, MA! We are actively recruiting new employees who are passionate about joining the cannabis industry, starting with a job fair. On August 19th, we're hosting open recruiting at the Residence Inn in Chicopee from 10 AM until 4…
Theory Wellness
August 13, 2019

Theory Guide to the T-Pen Vape Cartridge

Why doesn’t this look like a usual cartridge? How is it made? What is CO2 extraction? Vaporizing: Onset, 5-10 minutes; Duration: 1-3 hours Vaporizing cannabis is a route of administration with effects similar to smoking, but without the potential harms caused by inhaling combusted plant material. Vaporizers use hot air…
Theory Wellness
March 18, 2019

Welcome to Theory Wellness.

OPENING DAY: FRIDAY, JANUARY 11TH DOORS OPEN AT 10 AM "Soon" is finally now, and we welcome you to Theory Wellness. Please read through this post to learn more about visiting us to purchase recreational cannabis. WHERE TO PARK: We've got a few options to choose from. Click on the…
Theory Wellness
December 31, 2018